Keep yourself safe anywhere with this door stopper alarm.

Your travel essential, feel safe everywhere

We tried to keep it as compact as possible, portable, mini-size, and space-saving.

⭐Damping primer(non-skid)

⭐120 dB loud alarm

⭐Three levels of adjustable sensitivity

⭐Wedge-shape design

⭐Stainless steel pressing plate

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One door-stop alarm can bring you a sense of safety. It's so loud that it will scare anyone trying to break in.

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Great Investment

A device with positive impacts


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  • Super mini & portable


    “I really love how small yet useful this device is. It even fits in your small hand-carrying bag."

    — Eric M. Dias

  • Fast shipping


    "Arrived in 7 days. Decent and simple product, function as described in ads. Thank you."

    — Emily-Ann K.

  • Good built quality


    "Premium quality of pressing plate, stainless steel pressing plate & durable."

    — Roland E.

  • Excellent door alarm.


    "We used this product staying in hotels and we are very satisfied with its performance."

    — baltic_wanderer

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "Excellent product but there is a screw inside which I have no idea what it's for."

    — Felix J. Rojo

  • I feel safer with it


    "When I traveled last time by myself I used it and it gave me that peace of mind that I was safe. I didn't test the sound but even just having it made me feel better."

    — Catherine Peterson

  • Great Product!


    "These security door stops work as advertised. In fact I gave one to my youngest daughter for her apartment door. It has an ear piercing siren/alarm that should repel any criminal!"

    — Chris

  • works/no false alarms


    "sent back alarms that hang on door knob as they were continually going off for no reason....very scary and inconvenient in middle of night.
    This one only goes on if triggered and also works as door stop. Would buy again."

    — Cleo

  • Highly recommend


    Highly recommend for someone who is traveling/or living alone.
    This thing GETS LOUD when it gets activated (you will definitely hear it when it goes off)!"

    — Martyna

  • An absolute Necessity for Women !


    "I’m a solo traveler and I cannot explain how safe this makes me feel, I also use it at home every night and caught my maintenance man coming in without notifying me, this alarm is so freakin g loud it literally stopped him in his tracks. This is not a want or need but a necessity."

    — Imani

  • Excelente opción


    "Es muy fácil de instalar. El nivel de volumen de la alarma es alto lo que sirve muy bien como elemento disuasorio en caso de que alguien quiera entrar a la casa con la familia dentro. Seguro te despiertas y el delincuente no intentará entrar. Lo recomiendo."

    — Jorge

  • Great Extra Layer of Protection!

    "These work! They are light weight. The metal isn’t thick, but they get the job done. The alarm is really loud. They are very modern and compact. You cannot force your way pass these door stoppers! The batteries are NOT included. Awesome product!"

    — boymom

  • New travel must have ⚠️


    "I wanted to test this door stopper out before traveling to make sure it works. I put the batteries in, turned the sound switch on, and put the stopper under my bedroom door and tried to open it. It works flawlessly; as soon as the door starts to open it pushes down on the door stopper, causing the alarm to sound immediately. Additionally, you literally cannot get the door open so this sound is an added bonus. I am putting this in my suitcase and leaving it there! This is a new travel must have, especially for women who like to travel alone like myself."

    — Denequa Porsché

  • A MUST for college kids!!


    "Got these for my elderly grandmother and my daughter's apartment and they really do ease your mind. They are easy to install. Easy to remove. Virtually kick door proof.
    We tried them on a bunch of different doors and they worked great"

    — Kristle E.

  • Vavoom L0UD


    "Bought these based on the price and the simplicity.My sweet 91 year old mother-in-law lives with us.And of course she has some health concerns.We bought the set of these so we could strategically place them put certain doors around the home in case she wanders in the middle of the night.I expected them to make substantial noise.Substantial is an under estimate.This is Extremely Loud to the point of you will never sleep through itIt is louder then a smoke alarm.I love the Simplicity of throwing a 9-volt battery in it and you're good to go.Plus they have a rubber grip on the bottom so they're not going to slide on a hard floor surfaceIt is also small enough to fit into your purse or your pants pocket for hotel travel and vacations.Great safety valve."

    — Ronbro C.

  • Peace of Mind!


    "I live in a secure building but a young lady was recently attacked outside my Apt. I'm an aging veteran and for peace of mind I bought this door stop alarm. It has an off button to save on battery use and 3 alarm sound settings. I only use when I go to bed. It's a great tool and everyone should have one. Especially if you live alone like I do. I also bought 2 batteries and a charger. This stop is well worth the small price of purchase just for my peace of mind believe me! Sincerely, Sam Stone"

    — Woodsborne

  • I feel so MUCH safer in my residence.

    "I never posted any reviews but this time I just have to show my appreciation for the product! The alarm is so LOUD that my ears still hurt lol. I’m sure this alarm would deter any shameless and jobless junk who tries to break in. I LOVE it!"
    — theodorethecat

  • Perfect on the go security


    "I bought this for a trip I was taking out of the country. I made it through TSA and customs with no problem. It’s small enough to fit in any bag and since you can turn it off you don’t have to worry about it going off randomly."

    — DaniAri

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